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Mariana Jewelry Names

We name all of our Mariana items based on the width (or size) of their crystal and other distinguishing qualities that the style has.

The majority of Mariana Jewelry is made with round stones and crystals. Round cut is our default; if there is no shape mentioned in the name, the piece features faceted round cut stones. When Mariana Jewelry features a different crystal shape, we will identify the shape in the first part of the item name. If there are multiple size options, we will also include the relative size of that item.

In order to help further identify our styles, we may include another name for it. For example, we have our "blossom" sets that each feature an array of flower elements in their designs. There is a "Blossom" set for each crystal size. The medium blossom bracelet will feature the crystal sizes and elements in medium (7-8.5mm). The extra-luxurious blossom bracelet will also feature flower elements, but in our largest crystal size (15mm).

If you have any questions regarding a Mariana listing, please contact us.

Crystal Sizes

We name Mariana Jewelry based on crystal size/width. The first part of any item name will identify which category of crystal size you are looking at:

Small- Petites Collection crystals range from 5-7mm.

Medium sized crystals collection range from 7-8.5mm.

Large sized crystals Collection crystals range from 10-12mm.

Extra Large - Extra Luxurious Collection crystals range from 15mm and up.

Please Note: All necklaces, pendants, and bracelets are made the exact same length. Our naming convention applies only to crystal size and width, not to product length.


The image to the right makes it easy to view the difference between our necklace chain lengths. Keep in mind sizing and fit varies from person to person, so choose what feels right to you.

Mariana pendants tend towards the 14"-16" length, but please read each listing carefully as pendant lengths vary from piece to piece.

Mariana "full collar necklaces" range from approximately 14 inches to 17 inches. There is some variation between necklace styles. All Mariana necklaces come with an extender that adds up to 4 inches of length.

If a longer length is desired, you may request additional extenders.


Mariana bracelets are adjustable to fit every size but are generally made around 7 inches in length.

There is variety between bracelet styles, do please read each listing carefully for details.

For adjustability, as pictured to the right, simply configure the lobster clasp to the o-ring that fits around your wrist comfortably.

Need more or less length? Contact us and we'll help you custom order a bracelet to fit you comfortably.


All Mariana rings are adjustable for your convenience!

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