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6 hours ago

Bracelet of the Month Club

Every month, members of our Bracelet of the Month Club receive a mystery bracelet (at full price) with a FREE pair of matching earrings (approximately $90 wholesale / $200 retail value). They are to be given away as a set to one of your lucky customers through a drawing.

For more information or to join our Bracelet of the Month Club, download our enrollment application here.


Hosting a Special Event?

Our event packages are tailored to your desired plating and color requests based on available* merchandise. A 20% commitment upon shipping is required for any sized package (you are required to keep at least the commitment amount).

Display materials are available to send upon request at no additional charge (e.g. neck forms, bracelet ramps, earring trees, Guardian Angel display).

Click here to view our Special Event sign up form!

*Packages are created based on available merchandise at the time on your event


Interested in ordering giveaway items for your special event?

Need an incentive for your event? We offer a 30% discount on giveaway items of your choosing! Please allow 4-6 weeks in production as all giveaway items are custom ordered.

In order to have a successful Mariana event, we encourage you to place a stock order* in addition to your event package. Giveaways are available based on the total of your stock order. You may order 20% of your total order in giveaways. For example, if you place a $10,000 stock order, you can order $2,000 worth of giveaways at a 30% discount.

*If a stock order is not placed, we will be unable to offer giveaway items at a discounted rate*